Investing In The Future

North Tyler Day Nursery provides quality and affordable learning experiences for pre-school age children in the areas of Education, Life Skills and Social Interaction since 1939.

About Us

The nursery was started in 1939 to give working parents a low cost daycare for their children so they could work or continue their education. We are committed to growing with the children and investing in their future. We believe: "Every child deserves a chance at a good education."

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North Tyler Day Nursery serves children 18 months to five years of age. The daycare offers an “after-school” program and has a van for picking up the children.

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If you have any questions or comments about our daycare or school programs, please feel free to reach us through our secure contact form.

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"When I leave my child at North Tyler Day Nursery, I have peace of mind in knowing she is in a safe place that will prepare her for a good start in school. I could not afford this great care without help." - Sandra Harris

Brallan Alexis Quezada- says grace at the family table, “God is great, god is good let us thank him for our food, vow our heads we must be fed, thank you lord our daily bread. Amen, you may eat and bless our teachers and family” and he loves singing, “Head shoulder knees and toes, head shoulder knees and toes.”

Luciano Rodreguez- is my translator for the class when I am not available.

Photo of Playground

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